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Nausea (the good kind)

October 15, 2007

I’m smitten with Jean Paul Sartre’s Nausea. The first half of the book did nothing but confuse me, and I’m still not too sure that I grasp the underlying intent of the author, but I’m still compelled to keep turning the pages no matter how much I would rather be doing anything else. The last thing I expected to encounter in an experimental philosophical novel was sarcasm that met with my funny bone’s approval.

60 pages to go before giving any final opinions.

I start volunteer work tomorrow morning at 9am sharp. My sleep schedule might not be too thrilled, but I certainly am! It will be reinvigorating to finally be doing something focused on external issues instead of being so exclusively centered on what I need to do. Though if working is what I need to do, I guess the cycle continues.

Besides, I’m still extremely focused on my unrelenting desire to sleep like a normal person. You know things are dire when you look at the clock and think hey, it’s only three in the morning, I still have plenty of time to fall asleep. Now that’s nauseating.

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