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Part I: Paris, complete

July 17, 2008
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The first part of my summer abroad has ended. After ten days in Paris, I’m heading to Tokyo for part two.

Here’s what happened during those ten days, in two visual installments:

Summer Part I: Paris (I)
Summer Part I: Paris (II)

Much of the time between pictures was spent cleaning until my hands were destroyed, which I honestly enjoyed most of the time despite having to sacrifice my limbs and despite realizing how hopeless my boyfriend is when it comes to housekeeping. I introduced him to the wonders of antibacterial marvels, multipurpose sprays, the necessity of Windex and paper towels as staples of any respectable household, and how to do laundry without feeling like you’re playing the lottery with the division of fate that controls bleeding colors and destroyed clothing.

He is working at all hours of the night and day, so when he is around, we try to make the most of it by consuming mass quantities of food and walking everywhere. Most of the pictures come from our Parisian meanderings that felt like minutes but actually lasted for entire days.

Stay tuned for part two.

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