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May update

May 31, 2009
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I’m quadralingualifying for two months before the wedding. If I don’t leave Israel in August at least partially conversant in Hebrew (preferably fully conversational or pseudo-passable), something will have gone awry.

This weekend was spent in Apollonia (not the Purple Rain chick, but the two-thousand-year-old city thing outside Tel Aviv) and celebrating Shavuot. Attention fellow lactose-intolerant folk: sit this holiday out by feigning illness, or else you will forthwith be truly ill. Try saying no to six courses of dairy while sitting at a table full of Jewish women — impossible, delicious, and filled with unpleasant consequences.

All that’s left for me to do before the wedding (in terms of wedding stuff, at least) is to find a pair of beautiful shoes for the reception.

It’s also going on 5 a.m. At least I can blame jet lag for being awake for a few more days.

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