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Maui Wedding!

August 22, 2009

Everything went perfectly in the end, though there was an extremely close call with hurricane Felicia right up to the last minute. I spent the entire afternoon at never-ending beautification appointments involving such things as two hours of steaming hair straighteners and liquid hair glue application to being paintbrushed with layer upon layer of photography-friendly tinted moisturizer. There were two women getting their hair done next to me who were also getting married (to each other, it turned out) the same afternoon who had enough optimism to change the weather forecast beyond anyone’s wildest hopes. One meteorological miracle later, plans to wed on the beach were reinstated after frantic arrangements to secure an indoor location.

It was so much more wonderful than I ever expected. Never thought I’d enjoy such a thing, but the ceremony was beautiful and magical and all that sappy stuff.

My $90 spa manicure lasted exactly 1.75 days thanks to intense snorkling, rainforest hiking and waterfall jumping, volcano bike riding, and adventurous off-road flat tires.

All details aside, I am now forever attached to a guy who makes me not only feel like a normal-sized person, but also extremely happy — no easy task, those things.

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