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Dangerous geography

October 26, 2009

Israel’s geographic position is scaring me more by the day. Take a look at this map (Israel is highlighted in red):

To the immediate east: Jordan, who wants to void its peace treaty with Israel, a fact made evident by celebrating the 15-year anniversary of the agreement by burning Israeli flags.

The West Bank is between parts of Jordan and Israel, and while things are definitely improving considerably there, it’s still a place too dangerous for anyone to go. International opinion demands the wall between the West Bank and Israel be taken down, but it’s that wall that’s made suicide bombers in Israel a thing of the past. As long as I’m there, that wall better stay put.

On the other side of Jordan lies Iraq, a place that scares any American.

Slightly farther east: Iran, who is still threatening to nuke Israel if either Israel or the U.S. makes a move against all the nuclear activity there.

To the west: Egypt. While the most moderate neighbor Israel has thanks to the 1979 peace agreement, Farouk Hosny, Egypt’s cultural minister, was recently denied a position with Unicef for saying, in response to the existence of Israeli books in Alexandria’s libraries, “Let’s burn these books. If there are any, I will burn them myself before you.” He then blamed a Zionist conspiracy for his loss of the position.

Between Egypt and Israel lies Gaza, a place filled with Hamas terrorists who don’t hesitate to kill their own civilians, let alone everyone else.

To the north of Israel: Lebanon, a Hezbollah stronghold where caches of bombs, missiles, and other weapons are regularly found. Update: Rocket fired from Lebanon hits Israel Tuesday evening.

To the northeast: Syria, whose leaders have repeatedly called for death to all Jews and the destruction of Israel.

I am more and more reluctant to move.

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