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Public transportation adventures

December 17, 2009

When it's 9.6°F outside, I have even less patience than usual when the train is delayed "due to a[nother] police investigation." When I moved to a new apartment in September and was obligated to use the Orange Line regularly, this announcement was a novelty; then after walking home from the train station one night and turning on the local news, I learned that there had been five robberies in five hours just a few blocks from my home. Not so funny anymore.

But then an old high school friend on Facebook posted a status update that said, “Dear Red Line, Die in a fire. Love, Peter.” Although he was talking about the Red Line in D.C., it reminded me of all the times I have been evacuated from Kendall or Harvard stations because Boston’s very own Red Line had, once again, nonchalantly burst into flames. While police investigations that force people to wait in subfreezing temperatures are certainly unpleasant and potentially dangerous, it sure beats dying in a fire underground. You’re not so bad, Orange Line.

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