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Passover surprises

April 19, 2011

At a family Passover seder last night, there were a few surprises. First, everyone argued (good naturedly but very vehemently) about ad libbing songs during and between the traditional order of readings from the הגדה (Haggadah), which was incredibly confusing not just for me, but for all those present.

Second, the usual (but admittedly peculiar) family tradition of the eldest member searching for rather than hiding the אפיקומן (afikoman) was inexplicably reversed this year.

Third, my second-cousin-in-law, who, at three years old, was the only person present who shared my tendency to confuse words with similar sounds, responded to people asking him about eating matzot (matza crackers) by exclaiming “Matos!” (airplane) and pretending the matza was a plane.

Fourth, when it came time for hot beverages I was horrified to see what seemed to be prescription eye or ear drops sitting on our table between all the cakes and glasses of wine. I asked whose they were, and was told it’s a form of concentrated sugar called סטיוויה (Stevia):

Israeli sugar drops

And finally, upon returning home after midnight and way too many kneidlach and Hungarian apple cakes, my husband called me into the kitchen to see this:

pink Israeli house gecko

I guess it’s officially almost summer again if the pink gekkos are back.

חג שמח / Happy holiday!

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