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Inappropriateness of Fanta vs. Orangina ads

May 31, 2011
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For the past few days, these ads have been popping up everywhere:

Fanta fball ad in Israel

This one appeared at a bus stop in the Sharon area earlier this week.

Living outside the U.S. means having nearly unlimited access to the wonderful creation that is Fanta. Whether it’s become more popular in the States in the past ten years, I’m not sure, but it’s everywhere overseas. But as cute as this little round container of Fanta is, calling it an “fball” makes me think of the word “f-bomb” every single time I see it. Considering this is probably a product for kids, the association is particularly unfortunate.

The last time an orange European soft drink made me feel uncomfortable was when this shocking Orangina commercial aired before every movie for an entire summer of much movie-going in Paris. My husband, who was working in Paris at the time, is a movie fanatic and had one of those fantastic annual movie passes the French government allows people to get, so we saw pretty much every film that was in theaters at least once — meaning we saw that commercial way too many times.

While it’s not much of a contest — Orangina clearly wins in the inappropriate department — what’s up with tasty orange drinks taking such marketing approaches?

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  1. Annie permalink
    June 1, 2011 1:45 am

    wrong. so, wrong.

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