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Ten commandments as grafitti

July 7, 2011

Several months ago, I posted about an interesting bit of graffiti that adorned the wall of a bus station. With all the shuffling of bus routes and mergers of companies and trying to find a quicker way to get places, I stopped standing next to that unique alien reindeer on a regular basis.

The other day, however, I felt a bit nostalgic while passing by and glanced over at him. But he wasn’t there. The wall, after all this time, had finally been painted over. He was gone.

It got me thinking about some other bits of graffiti that have come and gone over the past year and a half. For a while I noticed big crudely drawn stars of David sprayed on walls along highways, bus stops, and construction fences. Then I started noticing a catchy phrase spray painted everywhere that had originated in the Ukraine (or with a sect of Judaism founded by a rabbi who was originally from there, rather).

There are, of course, the usual tags and adolescent stuff here and there, though not as much of it as you’d expect given the hordes of young people that roam around unsupervised until quite late at night. And for a change of pace, there’s the occasional reminder of the ten commandments, which I finally snapped a picture of this morning:

Ten commandments as grafitti

While not as cute as the alien reindeer, the meaning is certainly clearer.

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