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Midwestern retail multiculturalism

September 2, 2012

There’s an international market in a nearby large-ish city that seemed like a potential source of kosher food in the area. (Passover this year involved not-kosher-for-Passover fare despite multiple attempts to find seasonally appropriate matzah; I’m already planning how to avoid repeating that fiasco.) While there were plenty of European delicacies for sale at the international market, there wasn’t even a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern section or a Jewish section.

There was, however, a ラムネ section:

ラムネ for the American market

I haven’t even thought about, let alone encountered, ラムネ (ramune, a famous Japanese beverage) since misunderstanding someone who was talking about לאבנה (labneh, a soft cheese popular in Israel and the Middle East).

Even in a culturally homogenous region of the United States, you never know what’s waiting to be discovered.

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