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A frog, a dog, and a panda

October 23, 2012

When trying to convince the dog to go outside last night during the third and final presidential debate, the Lions game, and the (at least in my household) supremely important Giants game, it became clear that she would need time to work up the courage to brave the rain despite her obvious discomfort. I left the door wide open for her for about two minutes before it became clear she would rather suffer than get wet.

During those two minutes when I was distracted by all the important happenings on TV, a frog managed to leap into the house. No one noticed the frog’s presence for quite a while due to all the political and sports-related excitement overload, but once he was found, I carefully captured him in a jar:

Frog in a jar

He was safely returned to the dark, rainy backyard. The dog still refused to consider joining him out there.

The Giants game went as my husband had hoped, I didn’t notice what was up with the Lions, and I enjoyed the dynamic of the third debate more than the previous two. For those with the right to do so, I hope you vote. For those who find uninvited creatures in your home, I hope you forgive them and graciously return them to their preferred habitat. And for anyone with extra tickets to the World Series, I hope you’ll consider taking a giant, entertaining Israeli man whose wife doesn’t always appreciate the volume of his enthusiasm for baseball.

Note: If you’re not a baseball fan and were wondering where the panda part of this story is, here you go.

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