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Sandy waves

October 30, 2012

It looked damp and blustery outside today, but I must have been desensitized after seeing all the devastating images from the East Coast because it didn’t seem bad enough to stay inside. After hearing what friends were facing and seeing the shocking media coverage of Hurricane Sandy, things were looking pretty good here.

That is until I tried to run north along the lake shore. Sleet pelted my face and stuck to my eyelashes, but it takes more than icy precipitation to faze people around here. I began to run, then leaned forward and put everything I had into sprinting straight ahead. I felt like I was incrementally tiptoeing forward. So I turned south and began to jog, then run, then sprint, and it felt like I was flying. With the wind at my back, even with my recent injuries (a torn muscle in April and two broken toes last month), I ran the fastest mile I can remember since my sophomore year of high school. The waves looked too intense to continue along the beach and I didn’t want to risk going near piers or other potentially dangerous areas, so I headed inland for the rest of my run.

I passed by a friend bundled up to walk her dog and was informed that it was crazy to be outdoors. At that point I had wanted to loop around to head back home, but kept going farther and farther south and east to try and find a path sheltered from the wind to make progress in the opposite direction. I eventually headed to a route with enough trees to make it home at a decent pace.

People say that winds had reached upwards of 48 miles per hour along this part of Lake Michigan and up to 57 mph nearby, which explains why the only other people outdoors were men driving pickup trucks holding cameras pointed at the waves. One guy stopped and asked, “Where are the thirty-foot waves at? I want to see those!”

Here’s what I saw:

Lake Michigan during bad weather caused by Hurricane Sandy, 2012

Lake Michigan during bad weather caused by Hurricane Sandy, 2012

Lake Michigan during bad weather caused by Hurricane Sandy, 2012

My thoughts are with people on the East Coast and elsewhere who faced the hurricane and all the damage and hardships it has caused.

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